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Chet N - Sales Manager

This blog is about the natural force of surviving in life known as "Buying and Selling". There are four basic necessary elements to survival. They are water, food, shelter, and clothing. Consider what this has to do with buying and selling. If we lived as cave dwellers, our daily job would be to get up every morning, hunt prey for food, then drag it back to the cave to be skinned and cooked for a meal. Spring water gathered from handmade clay pots would compliment the evening meal. Nothing would be wasted. The hide from the hunt is used to make the family's clothing and provide camouflage from predators.

Can you imagine how hard life had to have been for those cave dwellers? Thankfully, we have the benefit of today's convenient resources. Every morning many of us roll out of bed, sip our morning coffee and nibble on store bought breakfast items as we gradually wake up. We then dress for success and drive off to seize the day and make a living. Make a living! Why do we need to make a living? We need MONEY! Money is what keeps us from regressing to that primal cave like existence.

Money is an exchange that is necessary for our survival. Money gives us necessary to trade for desired goods and services. The world as a whole revolves around this natural force of survival known as "buying and selling goods and services" from one another. Think of "buying and selling" as a form of bartering. You exchange money earned from your work with another person that is selling what he/she produced from their work.

As I mentioned earlier, money is a tool that can help us meet our basic survival needs. However, it is important convey that money is not the most important thing in life. It is wise to remember to work to live not live to work. Be cautious, as an obsession with obtaining money can become a sinful bondage. Money is not the root of all evil. The Bible says, " . . . it is the love of money that is the root of all kinds of evil . . ."  1 Timothy 6:10. Money is a means to an end and should not be motivation for getting rich. Manage your money. Don't let it manage you my friend.

The Bible teaches more about money than many other topics. One my favorite scriptures referring to the use of money is commonly known as the Parable of the Talents. Jesus tells the story about a businessman that gave money to three of his employees as a test to see what they would do with it. Two of the three were prudent and invested the money where they knew they could buy low and sell high. The third employee was lazy and did nothing with his money. In time, the businessman returned see how his employees performed. The two wise employees were excited because the funds they invested for their boss were able to be sold for a 100% return! The third employee had nothing to show for his efforts.

To me, the moral of the story is God is the one who provides the source of our income and He expects us to be responsible stewards. Why? So we can be prosperous and in turn bless others less fortunate. Our first responsibility is to pay 10% back to Him in the form of the tithe, and the rest is for us to manage riotously.

The art of being successful in business is to be responsible and use prayerful discernment in the way you manage your income. I believe God should be our leader and role model of how to be a successful business person. We must trust in Him and relinquish our will to His will in our life. Yes, He does provide more to some than He does to others. There are reasons for this that only He knows. There is a caution when much is received. Luke 12:48 states “To those who much is given, much is expected.” The measure of a person is not how much money one has. The measure of a person is in the character and principles used when managing what is entrusted to him. Hoarding money is not God's plan for us. His plan is to provide abundantly so that we can inspire and uplift others and to be a blessing to all.

The most profitable business in the game of life, for me, has been through buying and selling of real estate.  Life can be a lot like playing the game "Monopoly"  - The secret to this game is to land on the right properties and buy them for a profitable rate of return through rentals and resell.  Remember to "Buy Low and Sell High".



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